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Ena’s Teaching Style

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In the south, where I was raised, faith and prayer are the fabric of daily life. My grandfather was a Pentacostal tent revival minister in Alabama. He and my part-Cherokee grandmother spoke in tongues and adhered to strong beliefs. That passion has kept me spiritually curious my entire life. Yoga has impacted me deeply for its shared, underlying message: practice, and the feeling of deep connection will arise. It is always there.

I have been a student of the arts since childhood.  My professional life has included, acting, writing, painting and designing.  In 1997, I discovered yoga while pregnant with my son.  The esoteric, yet accessible, practices fed my creativity. Where creative pursuits are fulfilling, the dogged perfectionistic approach I had been using was not.  Yoga soothed me.  Friends and family commented on the shifts that they saw.

Through yoga, patterns reveal themselves and feedback comes from within. A yoga therapist simply meets those insights with practices that guide you deeper into your own innate peace and clarity. Whether through poses, breathing, meditation, philosophy or psycho-spiritual discussion, students feel more resilient and peaceful in their lives. Daily life has potency. Yoga shows us how to feel it.

Treetop Yoga Therapy is the only full-time Private Practice of its kind in Fort Collins. Sessions are by appointment,  serving your individualized goals in a one on one setting.

Are you ready to commit to your healing from physical and emotional trauma? These times during the Pandemic are so taxing on the body and emotions. Now, more than ever, your skills for your own mental and physical health are crucial for thriving. Are you tired of struggling with chronic pain? Have you have been working with your doctor or physical therapist, but want more individualized practices to maintain your health? If your answer to any of the above is yes, the cutting edge field of Yoga Therapy is an excellent next step for you.

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Ena Rodriguez is nationally certified and holds contracts with various agencies in group and private settings. Often working with the diagnosis provided by your medical provider, yoga therapy incorporates ancient practices for your specific needs. Ena applies various evidence-based approaches to reduce symptoms of mood instability, PTSD, chronic pain, chemo, musculo-skeletal imbalances, nerve pain and more. The International Association of Yoga Therapists regularly posts results of clinical studies on their site, PubMed and Yoga Therapy Today. The mission of yoga therapy is to bridge the gap between western and alternative medical practices using common languaging, clinical studies and complete transparency. Ena Rodriguez has cross referral relationships with doctors, chiros, PT’s and shares clients with a clinical psychologist in Northern Colorado for somatic integration and yoga psychology in conjunction with modern trauma protocols.

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Certified iRest Yoga Teacher - Integrative Restoration Institute
IAYT International Association of Yoga Therapists
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider
IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist
IAYT Experienced Registered Yoga Therapist