Yoga Connection Magazine, Summer, 2011

Written by: Ena Burrud Rodriguez

Dawn arrives. You flutter your eyes slowly, taking in sounds of birdsong and lawn mowers. Last night’s dream is fading into the shafts of sunlight piercing the blinds. You hear the echo, but you cannot get back. You try a shaman’s advice to return to the exact sleep position in which you were dreaming, like rabbit ear antennae on an old TV set. You roll over, left leg over right, on your side, face melting Into the cool folds of the pillow and drop into your breath. You manage to sink back to a place that feels familiar, but alas, the dream has turned to fog. You get up and put on a pot of coffee. There is significance in your nightly cinematics. There, you explore your personality, your psychic life, your symbols, and hidden emotions. It is not, however, easy to remember a dream, to explore that fantastic world of the subconscious. Thankfully, there is a yogic process that places us into this unChartered territory at will. It is Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra Article-Ena Burrud Rodriguez