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Fibromylgia, Pregnancy

Written by Jennifer Peters, MA. Posted in Yoga Therapy Testaments


I started working with Ena in the summer of 2006, about six months after my daughter was born. We started with Mommy & Me classes, but soon moved to private yoga therapy sessions because of fibromylgia and other back issues for which I needed additional help. For five years, I have had the pleasure to work with Ena weekly in yoga therapy. She is a wonderful, kind therapist whose intuition tunes in each session almost immediately and through the entire time to the needs of my body, mental state and spirit. Her imagery enhance and deepen the therapy. Ena helped me through a second pregnancy which I believe was a major part of my 2 hr 15 min labor. She worked with me to help make sure he was positioned correctly as well as helped me with the normal pains of pregnancy and additional pain I suffered with the fibromylgia. Ena has always been a kind, attentive therapist and her yoga therapy goes well beyond a physical therapy type setting. The combination of spirituality, quiet, breath work and physical movement create space for healing the entire being rather than specific places on the body. Ena's methods, kindness, compassion, grounding, and intuition have been life changing.

~Jennifer Peters, MA