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Depression, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Bipolar Disorder

Written by Rohit Singh, Ph.D.. Posted in Yoga Therapy Testaments


I was 35 years old and always knew that there was something amiss with my life. Bouts of severe depression, constant anxiety and panic attacks along with memories of some difficult childhood events were beginning to manifest in physiological ways. And in the past 2 years, visits to various doctors brought diagnoses of rheumatoid arthritis, ADHD, depression, general anxiety disorder, mild bipolar disorder and the need for a corneal transplant in my left eye.

I found myself in Ms. Burrud's yoga studio. Weekly private lessons began. I didn't have any real expectations of dramatic progress but I was willing to try anything. Ms. Burrud's deep personal commitment, her incredibly vivacious personality and her empathy and understanding of my difficulties encouraged me to keep coming back week after week and learn more of Yoga - its philosophy and science.

Miraculously, I gradually found myself living with less anxiety, less fear, more focus and far better tolerance of physical pain. I began to recognize the internal sensation of being hopeful again with a strong desire to grow. And I often smile – no longer to hide the grief within but as a reflection of the joy I feel within. The world around me hasn't changed very much but my perspective of the world definitely has.

Yoga Therapy could never be so powerful without the right teacher. I have been truly blessed to have found in Ms. Burrud a teacher so dedicated to the increasing welfare of her students. And through her help, guidance and teachings, I found in myself a sense of spirituality and growing positive attitude.

~Rohit Singh, Ph.D.