Private Yoga


In a private setting, yoga is individualized. You may be interested in yoga classes, but too intimidated to jump right in, this is a gentle introductory venue. The physical aspect of yoga is called a pose, or asana, and can look different on each of us. We are each in various stages of life with unique issues. In private yoga, you learn your modifications or style which you then bring to a group class.

In addition, teachers and students alike come to crossroads in their lives which affect their yoga practices spiritually and psychologically. In private sessions, you will learn techniques to bolster coping skills and to develop deeper understanding of your reactions and emotions. These sessions include multi-disciplinary modalities when needed, like dream interpretation and mythological story telling.


Yoga Mentoring

mentorshipFor teachers who are between trainings and have questions regarding methodology or therapeutic modifications, mentoring is necessary in the yoga tradition. Many styles of learning in this setting are offered. You can be less formal and ask questions as they arise, or you may wish to follow a lesson plan. Both approaches are valuable to learning. Subjects of mentoring typically include Sanskrit, philosophy, mythology, yoga psychology, classical and tantric contemplative practices, pranayama and basic Ayurveda.

Mentoring is also available to students who wish to explore deeper issues. These sessions are organic. You may be reading a yogic text, for example, and desire a fuller meaning; a mentoring session will guide you through various ways to understand. Perhaps you have begun to sense something is shifting inside since you have begun yoga. In yoga mentoring, you learn how to integrate your insights and discover new ways of looking at life.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy with Treetop Yoga Therapy

The specialties in this private practice address injury or surgery rehab, anxiety, depression, trauma and chronic illness. Though typical clients are already familiar with yoga, previous experience is not necessary. A typical first session lasts 90 minutes and includes discussion, physical assessment and a short practice. Each session thereafter is 70 minutes and after the second or third visit, a personalized home practice will be created for you. Consistent adherence to the prescribed practice yields the best results.

When appropriate, referrals to other providers such as psychotherapists, physical therapists and acupuncturists may be suggested. I am also happy to talk with your own providers with whom you are already working. Results are usually apparent within the first 5 visits and many clients continue to practice bi-weekly or monthly after that. Techniques include but are not limited to breathing exercises, mind-body awareness, adaptive yoga postures, meditation, contemplation, yoga psychology and philosophy.