(All names are changed for privacy)

Has your Doctor Prescribed Yoga?

Mary rubbed her neck softly while she stepped away from her doctor’s office and carefully maneuvered herself into her car.  After a severe automobile collision a year ago, several surgeries later, she was still in pain‐and sick of it. The doctor knew that Mary really needed to regularly stretch her neck and she was frustrated with her circumstances. He suggested Yoga.

But what kind of yoga, Mary wondered. She was a member of the gym and saw huge classes with sweaty people in headstands. The studio on the corner always smelled of incense, chants spilling from its windows. Mary was confused as to where to begin. She went home and typed therapeutic yoga into her
laptop’s search engine. She found Yoga Therapy and that led her to me.

group of people in downward dog pose

-Yoga Travel Tree – written by Ena Burrud