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Integrative Restoration (iRest®)


Since our first fire-pit gatherings, the human experience has been a popular discussion. We have expressed our stories through cave drawings, dance and war. We realized purpose through hard won spoils and loss. We have regaled and reflected on our adventures. But, we are not unscathed. After battles and narrow escapes, we shook at the scrape of a tool on a stone or is it a tiger?

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Take Two Downdogs and Call Me in the Morning


Mary rubbed her neck softly while she stepped away from her doctor's office and carefully maneuvered herself into her car. After a severe automobile collision a year ago, several surgeries later, she was still in pain-and sick of it. The doctor knew that Mary really needed to regularly stretch her neck and she was frustrated with her circumstances. He suggested Yoga.

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The Four Yogas – Philosophy that Heals


Within the scope of Yoga Therapy, yoga philosophy and applied yoga psychology are powerful modes of healing. Sometimes, a sprinkle will do depending on the client, like healing from an injury. But, for addressing depression, anxiety, or abuse, it can be a huge part of the work.

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