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iRest® Yoga Nidra


On a rainy day last September, I sat across from a psychotherapist on a carpeted floor at Kripalu. Both of us were in a training, studying a form of yoga nidra called iRest. Facing each other, my eyes closed, he skillfully led me into deep relaxation with his own techniques and the ones we were learning in our training that day.

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The Four Yogas – Philosophy that Heals


Within the scope of Yoga Therapy, yoga philosophy and applied yoga psychology are powerful modes of healing. Sometimes, a sprinkle will do depending on the client, like healing from an injury. But, for addressing depression, anxiety, or abuse, it can be a huge part of the work.

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The Character of Dosha


The dramatic irony of yoga is that we seek to identify with ourselves knowing ultimately, this path leads to letting it all go. We yearn to express our uniqueness. Yet, difference is baffling.

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Yoga Nidra


You explore your personality, your psychic life, your symbols, and hidden emotions. It is not, however, easy to remember a dream, to explore that fantastic world of the subconscious. Thankfully, there is a yogic process that places us into this unChartered territory at will. It is Yoga Nidra.

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Escaping the Prison of Depression


The rooms of the mind are expansive. When we are healthy, we move freely through these spaces, moods and thoughts like sunlight, shape shifting through the day. But depression is a prison.

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The Hips of Spring


It has been a cold winter, but you know Spring is coming! You feel it.  Your hips are craving flexibility and the pelvis wants to swing fluid.  The element associated with the hips is water, and like snow, hips take time to melt

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