Teacher Mentoring

Written by Ena Burrud. Posted in About Treetop Yoga Therapy

Student/Professional Mentorship

mentorshipA basic 200 hour Teacher Training is necessary to become certified to teach yoga. Yet, learning continues throughout your life in yoga. Teachers often go on to study in a 300 hour advanced training and if interested in yoga therapy, will study in a two year, 800 hour training. In India, the teacher (guru) passes appropriate progressive teachings to the student. Mentorship can help you move through more intermediate and advanced practices for yourself and your students.  These practices must be referenced from ancient texts.  This methodology diseminates the philosophies and paradigms in an applicable manner cogent to a context or inquiry.  These teachings are brought to life through mentorship.

Yoga trainings cover various skill sets according to the focus of the training. It may be useful to continue learning how to sequence poses according to therapeutic needs and theme, like the five elements, philosphical or mythological impact, category of physical poses like backbends, energizing or calming, for example. Yoga mentorship helps teachers find their voices and design classes that reflect a soulful authentic understanding of the text.   

Mentorship is also very helpful for interdisciplinary work.  Ena mentors psychotherapists and psychiatrists on creative techniques to integrate neuromindfulness practices into their professional practices. Sometimes, this synthesis of idealogy reveals apparent discrepancies between yoga texts and modern psychology; mentorship can further explain ways of understanding these differences are actually healthy ways of incorporating opposites into our healing continuum.