Group Classes 

Loveland Community Yoga 

284 E. 29th Street. Loveland, CO 80537


Hatha Yoga Level 2

Mondays  9:30-10:45 am

This class is perfect for those with at least a year of yoga experience. Classes will begin with a few minutes of theme discussion and the class is based on that including class requests. This will set the pace and mood for each class. There will always be adaptations offered for every body type. Pranayama and meditation is practiced at the end of each class. 

Hatha Yoga Level 1

Mondays   9:30-10:45 am

This class is for those whose level of experience may be less than a year, but may not be appropriate for all beginners. As the above description, all classes begin the same way, with discussion and class requests. The use of props will be taught and plenty of textual and physiological benefits will be explained along the way. 

Mommy and Me

Wednesdays    11-12 pm

Six week series January 11- Feb 15, must pre-register

mommy n me treetop02This dynamic class is for babies 6 weeks to walking and their mothers. That first year of baby, especially for new moms, is chaotic and occasionally overwhelming and isolating. This class uses ancient and cutting edge practices to address stages of development for baby and shifting emotions and bodies of mom. We incorporate plenty of movement and sound to shape new neural growth for baby. Moms will learn exercises to reclaim the power of the core, open the chest, strengthen the lower back and floor of the pelvis. We discuss pragmatically the very real issues of returning to sexual relationships and partnerships in the home with baby. Breath work will address and balance energy, helping insomnia or depression that can set in from fluxuating hormones.  Grandmothers come for free!


Morning Intensive Workshop:

iRest® for Trauma symptoms and Inquiry

January 28, 9-11 am  $40 pre-registered  $45 at the door

Loveland Community Yoga


Workshop Series:

Mondays 4-5:15   January 30-March 6

Free to Vets and their families!!

Newer trauma studies prove that our brains are re-hardwired by traumatic and chronic stressful events. The brain serves the body’s systems, cognition and feelings of security. But, in moments of trauma, these are neurologically altered. Many faculties available to us in relaxed, normal states are no longer firing when survival is the primary necessity.  Fight, flight or freeze is the body's response to perceived danger. Afterward, very specific mindfulness techniques are needed to bring the brain and body back to a natural blueprint. 

    We hold both processed and unprocessed events of our lives in realms that are brilliantly described by yoga philosophical texts. The ancient Vedas, for example, describe a system of dividing these realms into categories, called Pancha Kosha (five sheaths).  When these categories are overloaded, like full lint traps in a dryer, things don’t work effectively. Anger and fear manifest themselves into physical sensations, thoughts and emotions.  This fuels negative reactivity towards ourselves and others. A part of who we are struggles to fight off the intensity of unprocessed feelings and visuals, etc. After some time, the body and nervous system are exhausted. We need to clean those lint traps. In this workshop, you will learn simple, profound and relaxing practices that can be implemented daily in a short amount of time. What we feel becomes of interest and welcomed and allowed to simply flow through. 

     Developed from the millennia old practice of yoga nidra, iRest® (Integrative Restoration) is a guided meditation technique adopted by the US military in 2006. Clinical studies support this evidence based protocol for the symptoms of PTS and other traumas.  Attendees will learn techniques that calm acute anxiety, panic and escalation as well as chronic insomnia, suicidal ideation and difficult emotions that create incredible challenges in everyday life. 

Each of the six week sessions include basic yoga postures, breathing exercises for calming, balancing or energizing, discussions and specific guided meditation.  

The sequence of the five layers we will explore are:

1. The physical body

2.  Breath and Nervous System (Energetics)

3.  Feelings and Emotions

4. Thoughts, Beliefs, Visuals, Wisdom

5.  Unconditioned Peace

      Each session is done lying back or sitting up, eyes open or closed. Feel free to bring an eye mask and pillow.  Techniques will be taught for use in acute situations as well as daily short mental exercises which are proven to build resiliency and lessen reactivity.   Most report that they are more compassionate with themselves and accepting of intense emotions, flashbacks and physical sensations. Clinical studies are available on iRest for PTS on  

Listen to the audio of iRest For Anxiety and Insomnia