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Treetop Yoga Therapy is Northern Colorado's premier full-time Private Practice in the Executive Suites of Old Town, Fort Collins. Sessions are by appointment, one-on-one and serving the individualized needs of clients including those with no yoga experience. Ena Rodriguez, nationally recognized certified yoga therapist, holds contracts with various organizations and agencies to work privately with their clients. She presents and teaches yoga therapy in conferences, workshops and trainings statewide.

Ena (Burrud) Rodriguez, E-RYT500, C-IAYT, Nationally Certified Yoga Therapist, works with the diagnosis provided by a medical professional and promotes healing applying ancient practices custom suited to the therapeutic need of the client. Yoga therapy utilizes many approaches researched and supported by the medical comunity, clinically proven to help relieve symptoms of mood instablility, insomnia, chronic pain, chemo and radiation side effects, musculo-skeletal imbalances, nerve pain and more. The International Association of Yoga Therapists regularly posts results of clinical studies on their site www.IAYT.org, PubMed and quarterly in Yoga Therapy Today.

Three type of services are offered~

Yoga Therapy  Sessions includebut are not limited to, classical yoga sequencing with adaptive physical postures (asana), specific breathing exercises (pranayam) and meditation techniqes. Other aspects of yoga therapy are lifestyle coaching, spiritual guidance, applied yoga psychology and yoga philosophy. All practices are discussed first to respect faith and culture. Ayurveda, a sister science to yoga, is used to type constitution and determine imbalances.  Textual references are explained simply and practices are progressive, building on the client's feedback, understanding and comfort levels. 

Private Yoga   Some clients wish to simply deepen their practice. They have no therapeutic needs and simply wish to know more about yoga, its spiritual components, practices that suit their personality, temperment, psychological questions, etc. A percentage of these clients have never taken a group class; they prefer the personalized experience. Many of these clients maintain their sessions for years. 

Yoga Mentorship  Teachers in trainings basic and advanced may need more clarity with methodology and translating archaic texts to modern application. Mentorship addresses sanskrit, concepts, stages and styles of meditation, modifications and markers of distress or progress in yoga classes. Mentorship sessions may be organic or specific concepts, including business procedures and professional ethics. 

Feel free to audio/video record your practice. It helps to remember the sequences and style of approach.  Hand-drawn sessions will be created for a 20 minute home practice. Yoga therapy garners the best results when practiced at home approximately 3 times per week. 

iRest® Yoga Nidra, a form of guided meditation, is also offered for symptoms of trauma and personal inquiry.  Ena Rodriguez is one of only six Certified iRest®Teachers in Colorado. iRest, an abbreviation of Integrative Restoration, www.iRest.us, was adopted by the US military in 2006. It is a proven protocol to reduce anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, PTS and other symptoms of stress. The method is immediately effective and over a few sessions, deep insight and a felt sense of emotional strength is reported. Clients will take with them new skill sets for both acute and chronic conditions. iRest® may be experienced alone or within a yoga therapy session for personal inquiry, as well. Ena presently facilitates iRest for InnerBalance Addiction Recovery Center in Loveland, Co and in private sessions.

     Treetop Yoga Therapy serves Northern Colorado in Fort Collins, Greeley, Windsor, Loveland, Estes Park, Longmont, Wellington, Boulder, Denver and in Cheyenne, Wyoming.


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Integrative Restoration (iRest®)

Posted by Ena (Burrud) Rodriguez | Apr 24, 2017
Regenerate Magazine – NoCo Wholistic Living Resource

Since our first fire-pit gatherings, the human experience has been a popular discussion. We have expressed our stories through cave drawings, dance and war. We realized purpose through hard won spoils and loss. We have regaled and reflected on our adventures. But, we are not unscathed. After battles and narrow escapes, we shook at the scrape of a tool on a stone or is it a tiger? We experienced fearful visions and performed ceremonies to repel them and other plagues. These rituals, however, did not always work. The concept of healing arises, not only the mending of a broken leg, but also the tending of a wounded mind.

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noco wellness summit


Ena Rodriguez - Speaker at the Northern Colorado Functional Health + Welllness Summit


Join Ena on Saturday, April 21st at the Elizabeth Hotel in Fort Collins from 3:15 until 4:15.  She will speak on Mental Health: Science Behind Medication, Supplements, Nutrition + Therapies Panel Discussion

Sponsored by the Northern Colorado Functional Health + Wellness Summit.

Anxiety & Insomnia

Ena Rodriguez, trusted and prominent yoga therapist in Northern Colorado, teaches us simple poses, pacing, breath work and focal points that calm the nervous system and quell anxiety. Practiced 3x a week, these 2500 year old exercises are evidence-based and safe. Feel great again.

Northern Colorado Functional Health/Wellness Summit

noco wellness summit

Join Ena on Saturday, April 21st at the Elizabeth Hotel in Fort Collins from 3:15 until 4:15.  She will speak on Mental Health: Science Behind Medication, Supplements, Nutrition + Therapies Panel Discussion

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Yoga Therapy


These therapeutic sessions address injury or surgery rehab, anxiety, depression, trauma and chronic illness.

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